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Below are some frequently asked questions.
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I’m currently under agreement with my existing hauler. Can I still work with your company?

Absolutely. In fact most of our clients are typically under contract with their existing hauler when they hire us. This has no impact on our level of success. We can still find ways to drive down your costs while working within the confines of your existing contract which means that we can help you realize immediate savings rather than simply waiting for your contract to expire. Your existing contract with your hauler allows you to make service adjustments if necessary.

How much time is usually required to work with your company?

We require very little of your time. In the initial stages, you can help by supplying us with any relevant invoices, contracts or other information, but once we have this information, most of the work is done behind the scenes. Occasionally we will require a little bit of your help but for the most part we pretty much do all the work.

What types of companies do you work with?

We work with any company that generates waste: nursing homes, assisted living communities, manufacturers, retail stores, distributors, supermarkets, tire and automotive companies, airlines, hotels, non-profits, property management companies, casinos, restaurants and many others.

What if you don’t find savings or refunds?

If we are unable to produce refunds or any type of cost savings, no fee is owed. While this is very rare, at least we’ve confirmed for you that you are already doing a great job minimizing your waste and recycling costs.

How much can we expect to save?

Savings can vary dramatically. Some clients experience savings as high as 90% of their current costs, while others realize only minimal savings. We typically save our clients an average of approximately 35%.

How do you calculate savings?

Savings are calculated by determining the cost to dispose of your waste using the same methods before the audit (benchmark) and subtracting the current costs. Any additional costs incurred by the new methods are subtracted from the savings. ICS only shares in the net savings.

What is your typical success rate?

We typically find savings 96% of the time. Its not a perfect record, but pretty darn close!

We have locations in other states. Can you help with those locations as well?

Yes. In fact, we are often able to find greater savings for clients who have multiple locations. We can work with any of your locations in the USA.

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