We help businesses manage
their costs with confidence.

Innovative Cost Solutions was started in 2006 with a simple purpose; to help businesses
save money and better manage their waste removal costs and services.

We target a line item in your budget that is often overlooked.

One of the most overlooked line items in any budget is waste and recycling costs. It’s an expense that businesses can’t avoid and it’s also one they can’t always stay on top of. Given this fact we’ve chosen to help businesses focus on driving their waste and recycling costs down as low as possible. Our approach is as simple as our purpose.

Our compensation is 100% based on the savings you realize.

We felt it was important to “partner” with our clients and make it easy to do business with us. That’s why we’ve set up a performance based program that eliminates any upfront fees and ties our entire compensation to the results that we produce for our clients. Given this approach our interests are truly aligned with our clients’ interests and we have every incentive to reduce our clients’ costs as much as possible.

Serving clients all over the country in every industry.

We work with clients throughout the United States and we currently do business in almost every state. Whether you’re located in a major metropolitan area or a more remote area, we can work with your company. Our professional staff has years of experience in the waste and transportation industries which allows us to provide our clients with top notch service and valuable expertise.

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Our Leadership Team

Tim Price


It is extremely gratifying for Tim to help businesses improve their operations and save money. As the Founder and President of the company, Tim is responsible for overseeing every aspect of the company’s day to day operations. This includes working closely with everyone on the ICS Team.

Tim also works very closely with clients to ensure that they’re saving as much money as possible and that they’re receiving the highest level of service from ICS. He brings years of management experience to the table and has successfully helped businesses reduce costs for the last 18 years.

Tim is a graduate of Bates College in Lewiston, ME. He currently lives in the Boston area with his wife and two children.

Matt Littlefield

VP of Strategic Sales
and Partnerships

Matt’s passion is connecting with people and helping them achieve their goals. As VP of Strategic Sales and Partnerships, Matt is responsible for acquiring new clients and developing new channel partnerships that will allow ICS to continue its growth.

He has a strong background in sales, marketing and customer support which he uses to help determine whether or not our service is a good fit for prospective clients or prospective channel partners.

As a way to have more of an impact in his local community Matt currently serves on the Board of Directors at Manet Community Health Center in Quincy, MA.

Krystal Karamanesht

Director of Client Services

Krystal loves solving problems and helping clients save money. As Director of Client Services, Krystal is responsible for leading our account management and customer support teams, which includes finding savings for our clients and supporting them whenever needed.

Krystal oversees relationships with waste companies to put our clients in the best possible position. She also assists clients with customer service issues and oversees her teams, ensuring our clients are always being taken care of.

Krystal has been with ICS since 2014 and she’s held various positions within the company before becoming the Director of Client Services. She is a graduate of Salem State University in Salem, MA. She currently lives in Methuen, MA with her husband.

Brian Shay

Director of National Sales

Brian has a unique ability to talk to people from all over the country no matter where they’re from. He loves finding a common interest with Clients and truly enjoys bringing people together to get things done. As Director of National Sales, Brian’s primary responsibility is driving new Client growth.

He has an extensive sales background and has been a sales leader for more than 20 years. This experience allows Brian to identify and engage new Clients from various industries across the country
which ultimately allows ICS to continue growing by helping more companies manage their waste removal costs more cost effectively.

Brian is a graduate of the University of Rhode Island. He is a big sports fan and loves spending time with his family.